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Notice of Meeting

The Monroe County School District’s District Advisory Council will meet Wednesday, February 4th at 6:00 PM at Marathon High School Media Center, 350 Sombrero Beach Road, Marathon.
Science and Engineering Fair Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd Annual Monroe Regional Science and Engineering Fair, held on January 24th, 2015 at Stanley Switlik Elementary School.  
Junior Division Results
Junior Team Competition:
1st place: Emmeline Hamilton/Paige Moore (Key West Montessori)
2nd place:  Shelby Porter/Brittney Gortva (Plantation Key School)
3rd place:  Francesca Carbone/Isabella Braswell (Key West Montessori)
Honorable Mention:  Julian Annarumma/Reese Lewis (Sugarloaf)

Junior Individual Competition Category Winners:
Behavioral and Social Sciences
1st Place:  Ashley Day (Key Largo School)

1st Place:  Sophie Williams (Treasure Village Montessori)
2nd Place:  Lauren Settoon (Plantation Key School)
3rd Place:  Hunter Oropeza (Horace O’Bryant)

1st Place:  Grace Matthews (Plantation Key School)
2nd Place:  Zoe Norman (Key West Montessori)
2nd Place:  Ryan Kutros (Marathon Middle School)
3rd Place:  Talin Royal (Sugarloaf)
Honorable Mention:  Ali Woltanski (Plantation Key School), Jemma North (Sugarloaf)

Earth and Planetary Science
1st Place:  Katerina Nikiforova (Marathon Middle School)

1st Place:  Chloe Hartle (Key West Montessori)

Environmental Science
1st Place:  Atlantis Hofstetter (Treasure Village Montessori)
2nd Place:  Nathan Barroso (Horace O’Bryant)
3rd Place:  Emma Kost (Treasure Village Montessori)
Honorable Mention: Kaimen Meyer (Sugarloaf), Ryleigh Zebendon (Treasure Village Montessori)

1st Place:  Abel Bartosek-Hillberg (Horace O’Bryant)

Physics and Astronomy
1st Place Taurean Perkins (Horace O’Bryant)
2nd Place:  Megan Ralfe (Key West Montessori)

1st Place:  Wyatt Hunt (Sugarloaf)

Junior Division Overall Top 4 (representing Monroe County at State)
1st Place:  Sophie Williams (Treasure Village Montessori)
2nd Place:  Atlantis Hofstetter (Treasure Village Montessori)
3rd Place:  Grace Matthews (Plantation Key School)
Honorable Mention:  Nathan Barroso (Horace O’Bryant)
Senior Division Results
Team Competition:
1st Place:  Damian Jones and Nathan Bernard (Key West Collegiate)
2nd Place:  Maggie Gragg and Khanh Nguyen (Key West High School)
3rd Place:  Carlie Mehan, Micaela Coger, and Hannah Gracy (Marathon High School)
Honorable Mention:  Shane Smith and Jack Cook (Key West High School)

Individual Competition Category Winners:
1st Place:  George Guerra (Coral Shores High School)
2nd Place:  Colt McGee (Coral Shores High School)

1st Place:  Victoria Nyman (Coral Shores High School)
2nd Place:  Sara Smith (Key West High School)
3rd Place:  Rukhsora Oblokulova (Key West High School)

1st Place:  Isaiah Green (Key West Collegiate)
2nd Place:  Kyris Matula (Key West Collegiate)

Environmental Science
1st Place:  Noah Hane (Coral Shores High School)
2nd Place:  Chynna Eckard (Key West Collegiate)

Medicine and Health
1st Place:  Andie Devitt (Marathon High School)

1st Place:  Hannah Child (Marathon High School)
2nd Place:  Kailey Seiler (Coral Shores High School)

Physics and Astronomy
1st Place:  Tyler Knight (Key West High School)

Senior Division Overall Top 4 (Representing Monroe County at State)
1st Place:  Isaiah Green (Key West Collegiate)
2nd Place:  Hannah Child (Marathon High School)
3rd Place:  Andie Devitt (Marathon High School
Honorable Mention:  Kailey Seiler (Coral Shores High School)
Thank You, Monroe County Voters!

THANK YOU to the voters of Monroe County who overwhelmingly approved an extension of the ½ cent sales tax for capital improvements. Your support is greatly appreciated by our students and by our staff. I can assure you that your trust in our ability to properly invest these resources as promised; to enhance and improve our buildings, to assure safety and security for students and staff, and to deploy student technology in a way that improves student learning, will be kept, measured and well communicated. Again, thank you on behalf of our students and our staff.
~Superintendent of Schools Mark T. Porter
MCSD Mobile App Now Available!

The Monroe County School District (MCSD) has announced the launch of MCSD Mobile, a free mobile district application that brings vital district and school information directly to smartphones and mobile devices.  MCSD Mobile keeps the MCSD community connected wherever they are.  Developed by Blackboard, Inc., the app offers  mobile access to district news, calendars,  and more. It even provides one-touch access to district/school phone lines, as well as third-party applications such as social media feeds.

Parents and students can download the application for free through Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores. Look for the app in Google Play by searching for MCSD Mobile and in iTunes using the keyword keysschools.  Be sure to select the app with the Monroe County School District's Charting the Course logo.  Once you have downloaded and installed the app, swipe to the right to view resources that include access to Gradebook, Facebook, Meal Pay, and the full website.  To follow a school, tap on My Profile, then Follow School.  Type in the school name, then select it from the list and tap “Finished.”  The news feed and calendar will now show items from both the district and all schools that you follow.

For additional information regarding the MCSD Mobile app, please contact the district webmaster.

GEMS stands for Great Educational Moments for Monroe County Students. It is an effort to shine a light on the great things happening in the District Schools.  This is an initiative from the Curriculum Department led by Mrs. Theresa Axford, Chief Academic Officer, which recognizes the GEMS in Monroe County. 
In order to create a GEM, it takes the leadership of a great principal, the expertise of wonderful teachers and the commitment of outstanding students.

December 2014 GEM was Jessica Koval. 
Click Here to view the GEMS web page and see the latest MCSD GEMS for 2014-15!  

District Sunshine State Scholar

Superintendent of Schools Mark T. Porter has announced that Seth Landry from Marathon High School will represent the Monroe County School District at the Sunshine State Scholars Program in February 2015. Each year the local high schools nominate a junior who is distinguished in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to be their representative as the District Sunshine State Scholar. One outstanding student represents each high school, and the three nominees were Natalia Gonzalez from Coral Shores High School, Kevin Coward from Key West High School, and Seth Landry from Marathon High School.
From the three outstanding students, this year’s committee has selected Seth Landry from Marathon High School as the 2014-2015 Monroe County Sunshine State Scholar.  Seth Landry currently has a 4.52 weighted GPA.  “Research is what I wish to pursue, because everything begins with research in order to find the problems and their solutions,” stated Landry. “There are so many unanswered mysteries, and as progress moves forward, even more appear. I want to be able to understand them, know where they are and what they do, and apply it all towards new discoveries so I can solve these problems.”
Superintendent Mark Porter commented, “Seth Landry is a truly exemplary representative of the Monroe County Schools in the Sunshine State Scholar program.  Seth’s accomplishments at Marathon High School and throughout his career are a tribute to his ability and work ethic, and a tribute to his supportive parents and teachers as well.  We are proud of Seth Landry and his accomplishments.  Congratulations!”
The District scholar, parents, and a teacher who has had a significant influence will be invited to travel to Orlando for a two-day program. (Click here for additional information)
Congratulations to all three students who also will be recognized for their outstanding achievement at a School Board Meeting held in their area.
Professional Growth Plan Development

The link below is a video prepared by Theresa Axford, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, and Holly Hummel-Gorman, President of the United Teachers of Monroe. Holly and Terri collaborated on the video to help teachers and principals with understanding the development of Professional Growth Plans. They wanted to make sure that everyone in the district had the same information regarding the process for not only developing, but also implementing the plan to increase learning for both students and teachers. Also included are two supporting documents: the script and a step by step guide to create the PGP.
Professional Growth Plan Video
Video Script
Step-by-Step Guide to Create a PGP

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